Auster Capital Partners (“ACP”) is a targeted Venture Capital/Private Equity firm with a specialization in small and mid-tier companies in high growth markets. ACP’s philosophy is designed to break away from traditional investment strategies and realign the partnership relationship. Our commitment to building and maintaining a strong bond with our portfolio companies, combined with our industry expertise, successful track record, and innovative problem-solving, allows us to always stay ahead of the challenges of successful investing. ACP’s proven strategy of providing growth capital to lower middle market companies by leveraging our operational expertise, coupled with our trusted international network, is the proven recipe for smart investing.


Founded in 2008 by Chuck Auster, former Chairman of Polaroid and Partner of JP Morgan’s Private Equity Group One Equity Partners.

Headquartered in the New York Metropolitan area with an office in London and an affiliate office in Santiago, Chile.

Global portfolio comprised of investments in the U.S., U.K., Latin America and Australia.

Investments in a variety of industries with a primary focus on SaaS / web-enabled managed services, as well as technology and mobile businesses.

Primarily invests in private and/or small cap public companies with clear, sustainable business models and strategies.

Active investment model combines institutional and private investment experience with deep management and operating expertise.



We believe that successful investments in companies results from continually keeping sight of the ultimate exit, whether that be from a sale to an identified group of strategic buyers or a public offering. Combinations of companies create synergistic value, and as such, we look for enhancements to companies through transaction alignment. To acquire a divesting non-core corporate asset or division and combine it with an asset that is in harmony with the platform’s base business is the ultimate success. Such a combination creates value through clarity and efficiency.

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All investment opportunities reviewed by ACP follow a rigorous screening process. As former operators ourselves we know how to analyze opportunities beyond traditional financial metrics. We approach each phase of our due diligence as that of a strategic investor. We have learned that driving value and successful exits comes when a company evolves within a solid strategic framework, combined with continued focused efforts and managed through disciplined metrics. Communication, in addition to a deep financial and operating understanding is a cornerstone of our culture.


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We believe that successful investments require active, supportive, and strategic management. We focus on working with management teams in solid partnership. Our proven approach combines a measured blend of entrepreneurial optimism with institutional realism, supported by capital and driven through fundamentally sound, day-to-day management. This results in healthy, sustainable businesses and holds true whether it is a new business made possible through breakthrough technology or a traditional business realigned through fresh thinking. These working relationships are surrounded by a capital structure and Board activity that work to ensure cooperation and interest alignment.

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